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Flavors Of Morocco

Our Story

  It  was a Mom's dream to share with others her passion for Gourmet, Healthy food & Moroccan Culture. Chef Bushra started a catering business in Canada  with her two friends. Her Husband who shares the same passion and love for Moroccan and Indian Cuisine encouraged her to share their cultural experience with you in the USA.

  We create and provide  a Moroccan Theme atmosphere at your Event with Artifacts,Henna Tattoo’s with Moroccan Traditional Clothing and much more. Our love for our country gives us a responsibility to be good ambassadors of their Culture, with true passion for making sure that their clients experience the richness and warmth of true Moroccan Hospitality,  by offering personalized dishes and a memorable show. Our main goal is to do all  we can to help you explore the very best of Moroccan Cuisine and its Culture and get you to know a little bit about ......."Moroccan way of Life"

Let's all  enjoy the Exotic Moroccan Food  & Culture





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