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Flavors of Morocco stands as both a restaurant and catering venture driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for imparting the delights of Moroccan cuisine and culture. Our humble beginnings in the realm of catering in Canada set the foundation, but it was our transition to Lancaster that fueled our aspirations. We expanded our vision, extending an invitation into our home to offer an unparalleled Moroccan dining affair and a venue for events. Through our critical success, we earned an inaugural space in the newly established Southern Market, nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Lancaster. Presently, you can find us serving from Wednesday through Sunday.

Guided by the culinary expertise of Chef Bushra and steered by the leadership of her husband Feizal, our devoted team firmly believes in the power of food to forge connections and cultivate a shared sense of community. Our foremost objective is to guide our patrons in exploring the finest nuances of Moroccan cuisine and culture, all while tantalizing their taste buds with a harmonious fusion of Moroccan and Indian spices.

We hold deep gratitude for our role as cultural ambassadors and are brimming with anticipation to sustain our mission of kindling a passion for culture, gastronomy, and community within the comforting confines of our Lancaster home.

- Flavors of Morocco

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