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Our Traditional  Moroccan Dishes

 Green salad

with organic spring mix 


Carrot  Salad 

Boiled Carrots with Charmoula & Moroccan Olive Oil


Beets Salad

Boiled Beets with Onion, Parsley & Moroccan Olive Oil



  Moroccan Salad made with Green Pepper & Tomatoes



  Rosted Egglant with Charmoula & Moroccan Olive Oil


Potatoes with Charmoula & Moroccan Olive Oil


Chicken Tagine 

 with Charmoula, preserved Lemon & Olives


Green Beans Salad

Boiled Green Beans with Charmoula & Moroccan Olive Oil



Lamb Tagine 

with Charmoula, Prunes & Sesame Seeds


Chicken Bastilla

Moroccan style Chicken Pie with Eggs, Onions & Almonds

$50 for 10

Artisan Seafood Bastilla

Moroccan Pie with Chinese Vermicelli, Shrimp, Calamari, White Fish and Charmoula

$60 for 10

Steamed Couscous

  served with Beef garnished with 7 Vegetables or Caramilized Onions and Raisins


Kefta Tagine


With Tomatoe Sauce,

Charmoula & Moroccan Olive Oil



The Famous Moroccan Soup

$12 a quart

Berber Vgetarian Tagine


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